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  • 粘接力,Adhesion



    Adhesion is the interaction that develops between two dissimilar bodies when they are in contact. At the molecular level, adhesion is based on physical and in some cases chemical bonding. The strength of adhesion depends on the type of adhesive.




    Pressure sensitive adhesives build up adhesion under light pressure. The ultimate bonding strength is reached after 24 ~ 72 hours.



    測試方法:“剝離力測試”和“初粘力滾球測試” 具體數據,請參考其產品資料。


    Test method: “peel adhesion test” and "initial tack - rolling ball" . For specific data, please refer to TDS.




    Adhesive failure describes the separation of adhesive either from backing or from the substrate. The other basic failure mechanism of an adhesive bond is “cohesive failure” which refers to a fracture in the middle of the bulk adhesive.


  • 膠粘劑,Adhesive



    Adhesives are polymer materials that are used to join dissimilar materials. Adhesives may be classified in many ways, e.g. by mode of application and setting, chemical composition, cost, and suitability for various adherents and end products.






    The term "pressure sensitive adhesive" (PSA) is used to describe adhesives that are permanently tacky in dry form at room temperature. The most common pressure sensitive adhesives are acrylics, natural rubber/resin, and synthetic rubber/thermoplastic rubber. For comparison of basic properties, please refer to the following table:


  • 抗老化,Ageing resistance


    - 臭氧(O3), 氧氣 (O2) - 紫外線: 與透明的被粘物有關,例如玻璃或者PC;處于直接室外暴露,膠水或者基材的發黃或者變色。 (例如,窗戶條的固定).

    - 溫度 - 濕度, 水

    - 不同的化學品



    Degree of reliable performance of the tape over time, under certain conditions. Depending on the adhesive system being used, PSA tapes are often usable for permanent applications. This permanence is reflected by the resistance of the adhesive against:

    - Ozone (O3), Oxygen (O2)

    - UV light: relevant for transparent substrates such as glass or PC; under direct exposure, yellowing or discoloration of the adhesive or backing (e.g. window bars).

    - Temperature - Humidity, water

    - Different kinds of chemicals …




    Generally acrylic adhesives are much better suited to withstand these environmental influences than rubber adhesives and can maintain their permanent, reliable functionality over many years.

  • 基材, Backing

    “支撐”膠水的材料。基材也可以增強壓敏膠帶,提高操作和制程性能。 最常用的基材類型有:


    1. 塑料基材 (如 PET聚酯, PP聚丙烯, PVC聚氯乙烯, PE聚乙烯)

    2. 紙基的基材 (如綿紙,無紡布)

    3. 泡棉基材 (如 PU聚氨酯泡棉, PE聚乙烯泡棉, PVC聚氯乙烯泡棉)

    4. 織物 (如人造織物, 棉花, PA, PET) 一種特殊的壓敏膠帶的類型為無基材壓敏膠帶,此膠帶沒有基材。膠水直接涂布在離型紙上。

    5. 其他不太典型的基材的材料有 布,織物,金屬等。


    Materials which “carry” the adhesive. The backing also reinforces the PSA tape and improves handling and processing properties. Most commonly used backing types are:


    1. Film backings (e.g. PET, PP, PVC, PE)

    2. Paper based backings (e.g. non-woven, tissue)

    3. Foam backings (e.g. PU-, PE-, PVC-foams)

    4. Woven cloth (e.g.rayon, cotton, PA, PET) A specialty PSA tape type is a transfer PSA tape which has no backing. The adhesive is directly coated on the liner.

    5. Other less typical backing materials are cloth, fabrics, metals etc. Overview of backing material characteristics:


  • 內聚力, Cohesion

    內聚力是描述膠水的內部強度。主要決定了膠帶的保持力(抗剪切力) 測試方法“抗剪切力測試” 

    Cohesion describes the inner strength of the adhesive. It mainly determines the holding power (shear resistance of the tape. Test method: “shear resistance test”.



    Cohesive failure leaves adhesive residue on both the PSA tape backing and the laminated surface, showing that the adhesive broke internally. Easy check with the finger: it sticks on both the substrate and the tape.

    基本來說: 高內聚力 = 高耐溫性 = 較低的初粘性 = 高保持力

    Basically: high cohesion = higher temperature resistance = lower tack = high holding power


  • 服帖性, Conformability

    壓敏膠帶的基材對粘接到彎曲,粗糙和不規則表面有影響。服帖的基材可以提高膠水和被粘物的接觸面積。 泡棉基材本身就很服帖,可以在兩個粘接被粘物中間補償表面的不規整。

    The backing of a PSA tape influences its ability to adhere to curved, rough or irregular surfaces. Conformable backings increase the contact area of adhesive and substrate. Foam backings are inherently conformable and can therefore compensate for surface irregularities between the two bonding substrates.

  • 尺寸穩定性, Dimensional stability


    尺寸穩定的離型紙主要有: PE 涂層的離型紙,塑料薄膜離型紙。


    Correlates with humidity of liners. Dimensional stability prevents the liner from showing an irregular surface or dimensional change due to absorption of moisture.

    Dimensionally stable liners are mainly PE coated paper liners and Film liners.

  • 雙面膠帶, Double-sided tape


    Comprised of a backing material coated with adhesive on both sides. Usually one adhesive layer is covered with a release liner (closed side) in order to wind the PSA tape in roll form. In d/s tape production the backing is often pre-treated with a primer to enable a maximum anchorage between backing and adhesive. Transfer tape.


  • 魚眼, Fish eyes


    Optical effect caused by entrapment air between different tape layers on a roll.

  • 泡棉, Foam




    聚氨酯泡棉 (PU泡棉)

    聚乙烯泡棉 (PE泡棉)


    Material containing small holes (cells) distributed throughout the entire body. Most common foams are:

    -AC-foam Ethylene


    -foam (EVA) Polyurethane

    -foam (PU) Polyethylene-foam (PE)